Description of Water Based Cooling Systems

Water Cooling System

The description of Water Based Cooling Systems is very similar to glycol systems. The components of a glycol system and water system are located inside a computer air room. Two differences occur in a water system. One, the water loop is used instead of glycol to move and collect heat away from the data center. The heat is removed from the inside of the data center and exhausted outside through a cooling tower. Water can be chilled or unchilled.

One of the most crucial components of a water cooling system is a cooling tower. The cooling tower removes the heat from the data center, by spraying warm condenser water onto fill. Fill is a sponge like material on the top of a tower.  The cooling uses a technique called evaporative cooling to keep water cool. Water is collected in the fill, then it drips down and collects at the bottom of the cooling tower. A fan can be used to help speed this process up. The collected water, is then sent through a condenser loop and through a pump package. A cooling tower is not just used for a data center but also for air-condition a whole building