Description and Explanation of Two Phase Immersion Cooling System

Two Phase Immersion System

Description and Explanation of Two Phase Immersion Cooling System. Is similar to a single phase system, a two phase’s system uses a dielectric fluid as well.  The difference between the systems is what happens to the matter. In a two phase system the fluid starts as a liquid and then becomes a gaseous state. This phenomenon is known as latent heat. This is when heat (thermal energy) is required to change the phase of a fluid. The fluid is cooled by the boiling and the energy is transferred to a vapor.


In a two phase immersion system, electric components are submerged into a tank, or bath of dielectric heat transfer liquids. These liquids are much better than other heat conductors like air, water, or oil. The liquids are clean and environmentally friendly and nonflammable. Circulation happens through the process of evaporation, as described above. Condensers can be cooled using a mix of glycol/water mix. A commercial water chiller or dry tower can be used.